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Additional Services

Alucast Limited offers the facility of supplying fully machined parts to your specification. This includes CNC or the more traditional types of machining, with experience in supplying parts whose tolerances are measured in microns. Alucast have access to machinists who have many years experience of machining cast aluminium.

Surface Treatments
All aluminium alloys can be painted, coated and lacquered with a variety of decorative and protective products, mechanical finishes such as polishing, blasting and burnishing are also available.

The company offers a "concept to production" service; this is a complete casting design service with full technical support throughout the manufacturing cycle.

Heat Treatment
Some aluminium alloys can be heat treated to improve their mechanical properties and help machinability Alucast has their own computer controlled in-house heat treatment facilities which ensures full control of the process.

Modern facilities exist throughout the company resulting from a policy of continued investment resulting in the latest equipment.