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The Company was formed over 30 years ago and, supported by a team that has spent a lifetime in the foundry industry, it is proud of its “freelance” role as a jobbing foundry, and has built a considerable reputation for its willingness to take on short runs and challenging jobs.

Although it's production facilities are not permanently tied up with work for only one or two major customers, Alucast can also undertake long runs when required. Seasonal fluctuations and batches of only two or three days (or even two or three pieces) are all part of the job, and many orders are processed to meet very short lead times.

Design facilities are available if required – and if volumes increase it's possible to change castings methods without the disruption of transferring to another supplier. The company is committed to a rolling programme of investment with the emphasis on the best available technology – an assurance to customers that Alucast's unique service will be available to them for many years to come.