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Gravity Diecasting

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Alucast Ltd has experience of supplying components for almost every industrial sector, using the three manufacturing methods of Sand, Gravity Die (Permanent Mould) and High Pressure Die Castings.

High Pressure Castings
Castings produced at high production rates by injecting molten metal under pressure into a metal mould, it offers the user a means of obtaining dimensional accuracy and a good surface finish.

Gravity Die Castings (Permanent Mould Castings)
Gravity Die Casting is a widely used method of producing castings by pouring liquid metal into a permanent metal mould, and is more versatile than high pressure die castings.

Sand Castings
Sand Castings is the simplest method of casting aluminium and is chosen for small quantities and complex shape castings, it is often used for the manufacture of prototypes.

Additional Services
And Alucast offer more than casting services. such as machining, surface treatments technical services.