Sand Castings

Sand Cast tooling can be manufactured in various mediums, ranging from simple wooden stand-alone pattern equipment to complex patterns enclosed within its own box. This tooling is available in wood, resin or metal form and is the most economical of the three methods of tooling manufacture employed by Alucast Limited.

Gravity Die (Permanent Mould) Castings

Gravity Die tooling is manufactured in either cast iron or steel and can be single or multi impression. The tooling can be manually operated or varying degrees of automation can be added depending on production rates required.

High Pressure Castings

High Pressure die tooling is manufactured using steel that has been treated to improve its hardness and durability. It can also be single or multi impression although the size of the tool is limited by the casting machine size. This is the most expensive method of tooling manufacture employed by Alucast Limited.

Although Alucast do not have their own tool making facilities on site, they do have access to a number of approved toolmakers that are experienced in the manufacture of high quality tooling for the foundry industry.

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